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2014-09-17 19.16.11So it has been a bit of a mad year for me, pleurisy in January, a new job in may, married in June and basically the rest of the time catching my breath. That part is pretty literal actually, the pleurisy left me with the lung capacity of a fish. So this summer despite my total fear of roads and next to no adult experience of riding a bike I took up cycling to work. I pushed myself pretty hard and now I cycle most days and often on to classes or into town at the weekends and got myself a new expensive bike (but put the old saddle on it). I can’t say I’ve come to enjoy it that much yet but I do love that it is super fast to get to work, ie more time in bed. It is getting quite hard now that the weather has really turned wintry so I decided to do something about that… Unveiling Kathryn the teenage mutant hi vis turtle.

hi vis waterproof gearI have still been making jewellery, maybe not as often and I’ve certainly hung back from progressing things like the blog and selling any but it has been worth it. I can just about puff up a hill on my bike, I might depressingly be as fit as I was before I got ill but I can pretend not as it is hard to say when I didn’t cycle before.

I’ve got a few posts that I’ve been working on, one covering making our wedding rings in particular and some other projects I’ve been working on but in the meantime behold my stunning sense of style :P


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