Tuesday nights at the bench

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So my evening classes have finished till September and I have decided to use the same time each week for my own work at home starting tonight. At least sort of starting tonight since I am completely knackered from the … Continued

Buying a Camera

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Shh don’t tell but… since I plan to get that etsy shop off the ground sometime in the next… well ever would be nice (it isn’t like I’ve been planning to do this since last year or anything), I decided … Continued

That B***dy Bracelet

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After taking a break from classes and pottering about with some things I will post about another time I finally started classes again in January and I’ve been working on a bracelet for my mum. It is an open oval … Continued

Origami and I

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I think I got my first origami book when I was twelve, I made loads of things from it and came back to the same book many times over. I was disappointed to find out in the last year or … Continued

Inadvisable workspace

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January 2011 I took up jewellery making classes, this isn’t a surprising thing for someone that takes up hobbies with crazy regularity but the choice is. I haven’t worn much in the way of jewellery even when I wore it … Continued

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