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I started this a long time ago playing with a design theme I do a lot of (copper wires soldered into holes drilled through silver) but lost heart a little finishing it as I’ve been told by most people it … Continued

Major Hiatus

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So I’ve had a major hiatus from jewellery and therefore the blog and facebook page, first bit was pleurisy again, so rubbish! But shortly after I got pregnant which is amazing news followed by 3 months of puking and sleeping … Continued

Weekend of inspiration

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So this weekend not only did I get to see my ever inspiring sister exhibit her work at the http://www.free-range.org.uk/ as well as many other graduates but I also got to wander around the New Designers week one show. The … Continued

Collections: Russet Motes

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So having finally put together my shop I started thinking about organising my designs into collections. Ii isn’t a huge requirement yet as there aren’t that many products on there but I have been working on developing ideas I’ve already visited making … Continued

Wedding Rings

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So I got married a year ago yesterday. Despite the wonderful reason for making them in this case, I must confess, rings aren’t my favourite things to make. It is kind of fine if you don’t have a particular size … Continued

Productivity at last… maybe.

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Check out my HabitRPG progress! It is isn’t exactly high but it is something. So I’m fairly often unhappy with my level of productivity. I’m probably asking a lot from myself doing a full-time job and wanting to pile on the … Continued

Christmas presents

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So sometime embarrassingly long ago a family member approached me about making a Christmas present for my Aunt. I was super excited about it but Christmas was far away and of course I procrastinated and fussed. I had lots of … Continued


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So it has been a bit of a mad year for me, pleurisy in January, a new job in may, married in June and basically the rest of the time catching my breath. That part is pretty literal actually, the … Continued

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