Dish and granulation post earrings
Dish and granulation post earrings

These small dish earrings are some of my favourites you can wear them with anything. They are simple and each one is totally unique. One of the earliest techniques I fell in love with is granulation and the set of … Continued

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Russet Motes: Domed  pendant with inlay design
Russet Motes: Domed pendant with inlay design

This hand crafted domed sterling pendant has a distinctive copper inlay design curling up the surface. The effect is subtle and the copper darkens with tarnish overtime. They have a hand crafted satin finish. The pendant is made from sheet sterling silver drilled and … Continued

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I started this a long time ago playing with a design theme I do a lot of (copper wires soldered into holes drilled through silver) but lost heart a little finishing it as... READ MORE

Major Hiatus

So I’ve had a major hiatus from jewellery and therefore the blog and facebook page, first bit was pleurisy again, so rubbish! But shortly after I got pregnant which is amazing news followed... READ MORE

Erm so yeah…

So I set up my camera to catch some pictures of using the micromotor to send mum and on a whim I filmed these… They are basically bad live streams and certainly don’t... READ MORE

New Year tidy up

So my wonderful husband and lovely mother teamed up to get me the most awesome present… the Strong 209A Jewellers Micro Motor System in order to fit this into my messy space a re-arrange (and... READ MORE

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